15 Facts About Me

15 Facts About Me

This article is not about travels, not about food but I wanted to share some funny facts about me! I actually love this kind of articles, you learn so much and it’s usually really amusing. Enjoy!

1. I have three sisters and one brother. We are almost all from different parents but I don’t care! I’ve grown up with three of them so I don’t like the words “half-sister/half-brother”. My oldest brother and sister are both 25 and my youngest sisters are 20 and 8.

2. Like I said in a previous article, I have visited 31 countries. I want to visit at least 19 more before I cannot be able to travel anymore.

3. I’ve played the piano for years and years. I went to the music school for many years. I didn’t like but I graduated and then continued to take lessons at home until I turned 17.

4. I am addicted to coffee (3 cups a day is a minimum). I drink it all black, no sugar, no milk.

5. I love doing surprises for my friends and family. It is so exciting!

6. I officially have two dads: my biological father and my step-father that legally adopted me.

7. I have a hidden talent: I like imitating accents from different countries, particularly the British and the one from Quebec. If you’d like to see me do it, check out the Youtube Challenge I made with my Youtuber friend Mimi and my other friend Tess!

by Tess T.

8. I am a 100% superstitious: I believe in karma, ghosts, bad luck and everything related with spirits. I never walk under a scaffolding or on a sewer outlet, I’m scared to do bad things because I know karma is a bitch!

9. I love animals. I’m totally a different person when I see one, I become namby-pamby and I speak like a baby.

10. I love walnuts, coconuts, zucchini and sweet potatoes and I could eat those every day #weirdo

11. I am hypochondriac but I’m working on it (or not)

12. When I am very hungry, I bite. Literally

13. I am clumsy: I am able to fell even on a straight road.

14. I think I’m funny but I’m not. But I really am

15. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a flight attendant even if I was scared of flying. Then, I wanted to be a vet because I love animals. But when I realized I would see animals suffering, I changed my mind and I wanted to be a film director. Today, I am on my last year of PR studies and digital content. Where will I be next?

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