All the Food I tried while in Japan

All the Food I tried while in Japan

Don’t go to Japan if you’re not curious about the food. You won’t find much European or American food there so you’ll have to adapt to local food! I’m prepping a new video about being a vegetarian in Japan (which is definitely not easy) and I can’t wait to show it to you! In this article, I’ll write down all of the different kinds of food I tried while in Japan. Enjoy!


When I think about Japanese food, I think either about Ramen or Sushi. I already tried a lot of different ramen in Europe but the ones in Japan taste totally different. I believe it’s because of all of the local products they have. Anyways, I was very happy to eat ramen in Japan (I had at least 5 or 6 in 3 weeks)


I couldn’t leave Japan without trying sushi. I don’t eat that much fish anymore (maybe 10%) but I was really excited to try the real Japanese sushi. I just can say that these were the best ones I had in my entire life and the fish was literally melting in my mouth. Delicious!


This was my everyday breakfast in Japan. Japanese people don’t really eat breakfast or they just eat rice with fish or meat, so we were buying takeaway food at the 7/11. Most of the time there’s nothing vegetarian at the 7/11 so I was basically eating tuna or miso onigiris every day (but there were very tasty!)


I tried Takoyaki for the first time in Thailand. These are balls made out of savoury waffles/pancakes dough with either seafood or vegetables. The ones in Japan weren’t as tasty as the ones in Thailand, but still.


I tried gyozas while in Kyoto in a gyoza-specialized restaurant. I love everything about it and I could eat it every day! I especially like the crispiness and the fillings.


The Japanese are big fans of cheesecake. There are two big cheesecake brands that sell this dessert: Bake and Pablo. We tried both and there were both excellent but I have a preference for Pablo.


As mentioned in my first YouTube video, every Japanese region has its own KitKat. We decided to try a few and film a video. You can find it here!

Tofu ice cream

While in Kyoto, we felt like eating dessert and we found this place what served tofu ice cream. Very special but very tasty! It actually tastes like tofu but it’s cold and fresh so it’s actually better than regular tofu.


Tempura is another Japanese speciality. If I’m correct, there are two different ways of frying the tempura in Japan but basically, I love everything that is fried so this is why I love tempura.

Japanese curry

While looking for a vegetarian place in Ishigaki, we found this vegetarian Japanese curry place. It was my first ever Japanese style curry and I really loved it. Crispy veggies, sticky rice and a delicious sauce. Yum!


Bento is a lunch box with a few compartments where you can find meat or fish, some rice and then some vegetables and algae. I’m not a fan to be honest because all bentos contain an animal protein and the mix of flavours is a bit savourless.

Temple cuisine

I highly recommend trying temple cuisine while in Japan. It’s an amazing experience: you enter the temple and you seat on the floor. Then they serve the food: it is 100% vegan and prepared by the monks. You have no idea what’s in your plate, but everything tastes delicious! I highly recommend it and it’s about 25 euros per person.


Eel is a typical fish from Nagoya. It’s served as a speciality there, so you can find a lot of restaurants with eel bentos. Personally, I preferred the eel served on my sushi in Kyoto but you gotta try it!

Soba Noodles & Tofu Skin

Soba Noodles are made of buckwheat flour and you usually sock them in soy sauce. It’s not my favourite kind of dish but it’s ok if served with vegetable tempura! I also tried tofu skin for the first time: they serve it on top of sticky rice, just like a sushi very tasty!


Okonomiyaki are sort of pancakes made out of cabbage and other vegetables. It usually tastes very good. Unfortunately the one I had in Kyoto was pretty bad.


Looks weird but tastes sooo good. Tayaki are filled with azuki – Japanese sweet red beans, which makes it a dessert. On the outside there is a waffle dough and if you eat while it’s still warm, it will be even more delicious.