The Amboseli National Park is known for its greenery.  You can find several flasks of water where animals take “baths”. It is actually outstanding to see wild animals living in their natural environment. It can sound weird, but I was particularly impressed by zebras and elephants. I may have seen them in the zoo already, but in Kenya, they were totally free and they seemed even more beautiful than in Europe (especially baby zebras!).

Amboseli is actually half in Tanzania and half in Kenya. That’s why you can wake up in the morning and admire the Kilimandjaro (but you really need to wake up at dawn).

If you want to see a lot of elephants, living all together, this safari is the one. Because of the water access, they all emigrated to Amboseli. Watching them taking a mud bath is so amusing!

(Hippos were also veeery happy taking mud baths)

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  • Africa is still the continent I travelled the least to – I really have to change that, seeing all these photos 🙂
    You were there during the dry season, right?

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