Bagels in Brussels

Bagels in Brussels

I realized that I love writing articles about food but I don’t write about the city I live in for 5 years now. I’ve posted about organic markets, my favorite pad thai and lunch spots but I decided to write more about my favorite food spots in Brussels! I am a big foodie so every time I try a new restaurant, I’ll write about it (only if I really like it, of course).

So today’s article is about my favorite bagels spots in Brussels. I really like bagels and I want to share with you the places where they’re really good. Some of you may know that I  am really demanding when it comes to food so I’m not writing about all the bagels spots. Just the ones that I consider are the best ones! Enjoy!


I discovered this spot thanks to a friend that lived just nearby. Rachel is specialized with bagels and burgers and is situated just next to my school! Everything is handmade and really delicious! You can actually taste the freshness of the bread and of the others products. At the very beginning, you could eat a delicious vegetarian bagel for something like 6€. Today, the prices are a little bit higher but their bagels remain really tasty!

Rachel – Rue du Marché au Charbon 100, 1000 Bruxelles

JAT Café

Rachel was for me the only good bagels place for a very long time. I couldn’t find any other spot that would taste as good as at Rachel’s. But then I discovered the JAT Café just after it opened and I was really surprised! The bagels are really good despite the fact that it’s a coffee place and not a restaurant specialized in bagels.

At JAT’s Café, you can choose the kind of bread that you like (normal, sesame and so on) and there are seven or eight different kinds of bagels meals that you can choose between. What I don’t like about JAT’s café? You pay something like 6€ if you take out but you pay 10€ if you eat in, just for an additional small piece of salad.

JAT Café – Rue de Namur 28, 1000 Bruxelles


The concept of Bagelstein is that you create your own bagel! You choose pretty much everything (reminds me of the concept of Subway): from the bread to the vegetables and sauces. The shops’ decoration is really great and full of a sense of humor (it’s written ‘fuck burger king’ on the cash desk) and the bagels are really good! They bake the bagel’s bread every single day and even in the evening before the closing hour, the bread is fresh and tasty.

Bagelstein – Rue du Bailli 12, 1000 Bruxelles

Art’s & Bagels

New bagel spot that I discovered two days ago! I was actually too lazy to cook anything and God knows that I am not a fan of ordering food (I prefer going to the restaurant or cook by myself because when I order food I feel like something’s missing, don’t even try to understand haha) so I ordered this bagel on UberEATS and it was literally delicious! The bread was still warm and it was a 100% tasty and full (not like the bagels you pay 10€ and there’s basically nothing inside). But eating it wasn’t sexy at all so I don’t recommend this place for a first date because it’s so garnished that the food goes out from everywhere.

Art’s and Bagels – Avenue d’Auderghem 3, 1000 Etterbeek


What are your favorite bagels spots in Brussels? I am happy to hear about them!


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