Food spots #2 – Warsaw

Food spots #2 – Warsaw

For those who may not know this, I was born in Brussels but moved very early to Warsaw (when I was two years old). I stayed there my entire childhood and until the end of my scholarship. When I turned 18, I needed a fresh start and I came back to Brussels.

What I love the most about Warsaw is its expansion. This city flowers every day and each time I come back, I discover new trendy places to have a drink or something to eat. So here are a few of my preferred places to eat.


Warsaw food sam burger Sam is a small healthy restaurant. The menu changes every week and you can eat there for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner! The dishes are always prepared in an organic way. I tasted the veggie burger and it was delicious! The prices are really low for a person living in Brussels so I was very happy to discover this place.

Warsaw food sam smoothie fruits

SAM – Lipowa 7a, 00-313 Warszawa, Pologne

pełna para

Warsaw food pelna para dim sumMy friends know that I love Asian food and especially dim sums. When I discovered this food place in Warsaw with fresh homemade dumplings I could not be happier! They have traditional and revisited dishes which are very tasty and very cheap!

NB: Unfortunately their sweet dumplings for dessert are really bad..

Warsaw food pelna para dim sum

PEŁNA PARA – Sienna 76, 00-833 Warszawa, Pologne


Warsaw food hala koszykiThis is a food place I discovered a month ago while visiting my parents in Warsaw. It’s actually and old market hall when my mom used to buy some vegetables when she was young and it’s called “Hala Koszyki”. Now, it’s the trendy place to eat in Warsaw! I like the old design mixed with some modern decoration. In Hala Koszyki you can eat whatever you want. I opted for the new restaurant of Mateusz Gessler, a half polish and half french cook that I really like. He’s always revisiting traditional meals in a new way.

Warsaw food hala koszyki pancakes

ĆMA – Koszykowa 63, 00-001 Warszawa, Pologne


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