Food Spots #3 – Andalusia

Food Spots #3 – Andalusia

Hey! I just spent a week in Andalusia with friends and decided to share my favorite food spots from Malaga, Sevilla and Granada.


Mesón de Cervantes

It’s not easy to find a good restaurant in Malaga since this city is full of tourists and… tourist traps. That is why I recommend looking for food near the old town. I found this food spot on the internet before even leaving for Spain and it was really good! We opted for tapas: goat cheese salad with red fruits, mushroom risotto, fish and everything was fresh and homemade.

Address: Calle Álamos, 11, 29012 Málaga, Espagne


Noviembre is the perfect spot for a healthy style breakfast. They serve bagels, pancakes, yogurt, fruits, fresh juices, and coffee! Everything was delicious and actually very cheap! We paid 8 euros per person and were really full.

Address: Calle Álamos, 18, 29008 Málaga, Espagne



Where to start? Someone recommended this place to me on Instagram so we decided to try it! I love food pieces of advice given by local people or people that have already visited the city.

Brunilda is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. All of the tapas were absolutely outstanding. Everything is fresh, homemade and tasty. We ordered some burrata, mushroom risotto, cod fish and croquetas and everything was delicious. Plus, the wine is very cheap and actually really good (15 euros for a bottle).

Tip: the restaurant opens at 8.30 pm. but I recommend going there at 8.20 or before and wait because of the queue.

Address: Calle Galera, 5, 41002 Sevilla, Espagne

What to visit while in Sevilla: Plaza Espana, Alcazar gardens, the old town



This time we opted for a wine bar with tapas. The wine was good but be careful before ordering any food: some of it is really good (salads, croquetas) but we ordered some mushroom risotto and it was bad. The prices are medium-high but it has a nice ambiance to eat dinner.

Address: Calle Almireceros, 5, 18010 Granada

Cafe Baraka

Cafe Baraka is a cozy place for an American style breakfast. The food is cheap and homemade. I recommend ordering yogurt with red fruits and fresh juices with seasonal fruits.

Address: Calle San Jerónimo, 24, 18001 Granada

What to visit while in Sevilla: Albayzin, Mirador de San Miguel, Alhambra (buy tickets a few weeks before going there)

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