Food spots #1 – Brussels

Food spots #1 – Brussels

Today I’ll share my three favorite healthy lunch spots in Brussels! As you know, I love discovering new restaurants, especially those with organic food. I will really try to write about my food spots in every city I visit. But today is all about Brussels, the city I live in for almost 5 years now.


I love all about this place: the menu, the drinks, the decoration. The food is revisited in a healthy organic style. The menu may be short, but it changes regularly. I recommend the Mediterranean Platter to share with friends and the veggie burger with sweet potatoe fries! Also, don’t hesitate to make a reservation before going to Chyl, because it’s always full (and ask for a seat next to the windows with the beautiful oriental pillows).


P. Gutkind

CHYL – Rue de Belle-Vue 62, 1000 Bruxelles

Knees to chin

This restaurant offers delicious homemade spring rolls and I love everything about it. There is a lot of choices and the side dishes are delicious (especially the rice with the peanuts sauce). My favorite spring rolls are the ones with sweet potatoes and with bacon. I recommend taking out because the restaurant is full during lunch hours.

KNEES TO CHIN – Rue de Livourne 125, 1000 Bruxelles

La Cantine de l’Atelier des Tanneurs

This spot is only open on Sundays and they call it a “brunch” but for me is more like a lunch. La Cantine de l’Atelier des Tanneurs offers a large choice of healthy cold meals. For 10€, you get a mix of it. It is mostly vegetarian and there is a lot of greens but it is worth the price. After your lunch, you can also take a look at the organic market situated in the same building!

LA CANTINE DE L’ATELIER DES TANNEURS – Rue des Tanneurs 58, 1000 Bruxelles

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