The 24 Best Trips in my Life

The 24 Best Trips in my Life

Today is my 24th birthday! On this occasion, I would like to share 24 trips I’ve made and that I will remember forever. Since the past months were about food on my blog, today I am sharing some travel inspirations and stories. Enjoy!


by Patrick Delcol

When I was going to high school, we were always traveling on Easter vacation. In 2008, my parent’s friend invited us to his house in Oslo. Since we’ve never been there before, my father decided to organize a whole trip to Norway. We spent 2 or 3 days in Oslo and then, we took a plane and landed on the Lofoten Islands on the very north of the country. This year marks 10 years since this trip but I think I’ll never forget it. I almost saw the midnight sun and was just amazed by the landscapes.


Mali africa children

My father was always attracted to Africa since he spent a few months there when he was younger, doing his civil service. He wanted to show us Mali and especially Timbuktu, a town emotionally important for him. In two weeks, we saw the whole Dogon area and it was breathtaking. I was young (only 13-14) but I can still remember the feeling of discovering such an amazing country.


by Patrick Delcol

For my mom’s 40th birthday, we took her to Venice for a short city trip. It was unforgettable for me. Even though the island is very touristic, I can still think about all the little streets, the mask shops, the colors, the food and so on. I remember having so much fun with my dad and sisters on the Piazza San Marco in the evening, taking pictures.


Guadeloupe fresh fruits

Back in 2015, my friend Clarisse invited me to her home country: Guadeloupe. We spent three weeks in an amazing villa with 10 girls and we visited the whole island. I remember discovering such beautiful beaches and we ate so many different kinds of delicious food: coconut ice cream on the beach, bokits, homemade salads and tasty fruits.


Kenya lion safari

As already said in previous posts, Kenya was a trip of a lifetime for me. I had the chance to go on so many safaris, discover the world of Masais and meet such amazing persons. I saw wild animals and saw my sister that was so happy working there. Now, I am linked to Kenya because of my Godson that is half Kenyan half Belgian so I will definitely go back there. And I can’t wait!


Thailand islands

Before going to Thailand I was scared that it’s going to be too touristic. But we found so many hidden spots that Thailand became one of the best trips in my life. It gave me the envy to go back to Asia as soon as possible. I fell in love with the food, the beaches, the people. Now, I am planning to go back to Asia and I hope to do it this year.

Los Angeles

los angeles palm trees

There are so many people saying that they didn’t enjoy their trip to Los Angeles. But personally, I loved it there! I really liked the Californian vibe, the amazing food and the people that are so nice. Discovering a city with so many different areas was for me a great experience.


Two years after visiting Mali, my father took us to Senegal. As I fell in love with Mali, I knew what to expect and I knew that I would enjoy Senegal as much. The Goree Island, the Pink Lake, Saint Louis, Senegal is so beautiful. The people are so kind!


I know I’ve lived 16 years in Warsaw but I actually did not visit many Eastern Countries. So I was very excited to go to Lithuania when my Polish teacher organized a school trip to Vilnius. We met with another school and shared our cultural habits. It was really great to discover a country like that and I really enjoyed it there. Plus, school trips are always so cool!


haiti children school

If you want to know more about my Haiti experience, read the article I wrote about it! I will just add that Haiti was really a life-changing experience and I would love to go back there and to see all the students I had the chance to meet.


morocco blue door

In 2013, my mom offered me a voyage to Morocco, not far from Essaouira. We spent 2 weeks doing some ceramics and enjoying this amazing country. Our house was located just a hundred meters from a beach that was deserted. We could enjoy the sun and the ocean just for ourselves. I remember eating so many amazing meals like couscous, tajines and Moroccan pancakes. I really would like to visit Marrakech one day as well!

Roadtrip Canada & the USA

niagara falls canada

I’ve always wanted to visit Canada one day and I still have to see a lot of areas of this huge country. But in the summer of 2016, my boyfriend and I went on a road trip to Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, New York and Boston. We spent hours and hours on the road but it was really amazing to just drive and stop from time to time, not knowing where we are. We ate so many different fast foods and amazing food and we saw great places like the Montmorency falls, the Niagara Falls, Harvard and so on.


guell parc barcelona

I’ve been in Barcelona four times but it feels like home when I am there. I just like everything about it (except for the number of tourists maybe) and I never mind going back to Barcelona for a few days. I like just walking down the streets and not knowing where I go, eating the amazing food, renting electric scooters and enjoying the sun!



Who doesn’t like Italy? I mean the tiny streets, the best ice creams, as well as the best Italian food, the nice people. I think that the only thing that bothered me a little was the weather. It’s never enjoyable to visit a beautiful city when it’s 40 degrees outside temperature. But still, Italy is always a good idea!


amsterdam canals

I just moved to Amsterdam and I really love this city. But I remember the third time I was here, I was with my boyfriend and we rented a boat for the weekend, as well as a red Vespa! (I know, you’re supposed to ride a bike in Amsterdam, but who cares? haha). The weather was great and I consider Amsterdam is quite a romantic city!


london piccadilly circus

I think I was in London two times for short stays. My second visit to London was actually very short because I stayed there for 24 hours but it was an unforgettable trip! Indeed, we missed our flight to Montreal due to weather problems. So the airplane company offered us a one night stay in a hotel (with a high budget), some money for food and transports. We went to a nice place to eat typical pancakes with syrup and we enjoyed a tiny city trip to London for free!

Trip to the USA

new york city time square

My road trip across Canada and the USA was not my first time in this area of the globe! My parents took us to the USA in the summer 2011 and we stayed one week in New York, one week in Boston and one week in San Francisco.


disneyland paris

I rarely go to Paris even though it’s only one hour by train from Brussels. Last time I was in the capital of love, I actually just spent one day in Disneyland! It was my sister’s 19th birthday and she was not feeling very well so I decided to organize a surprise for her and to take her to Disneyland. I woke her up at 4 am not telling her where we’re going. When we arrived at the bus station I told her we’re spending the day in Paris but she didn’t know we would actually spend it in Disneyland! The day was cloudy so there were to queues to do the attractions. Best spontaneous trip ever!


You probably wonder where the hell is Emden. On my third year of high school, my German teacher organized a cultural and language exchange to a small city called Emden. The trip wasn’t really about enjoying Emden that is actually really small, but to meet young people from there that were learning French! We were speaking only English so we didn’t really improve our language skills but I am still in contact with Lena, my exchange friend!


Back in 2006, we spent the summer in Greece. Unfortunately, we didn’t visit any islands (they’re on my bucket list) but we saw the capital and it was really great to see the Greek cultural heritage (and to eat a lot of feta cheese).

Vienna & Copenhague


Vienna is another school trip I’ve made with my class. I am so happy that my school was actually organizing so many cool visits to others countries. So my class and I went there for an international mathematical challenge (yes, funny knowing me I know) and I remember that the weather was so great and we could enjoy the city for a few days. Plus, it’s always more fun when you’re with your friends and you meet so many people from other French schools. The next year, we went on the same trip to Copenhague and despite the shitty weather, it was again such a great experience.


by Patrick Delcol

Again, you probably wonder where is that. Łowicz is a small town in Poland. If you have been in Poland and you have seen Polish girls wearing colorful dresses (a little bit like the German girls at the Beer Fest), you have to know that those dresses are typical from Łowicz. I really like the design and it reminds me of my origins.


Last but not least: the Champagne region in France. One summer (in 2011 I think), we drove from Poland to Alsace and Champagne with my parents. I know I was too young to drink alcohol but I remember visiting the caves of the Moet and Chandon champagne and to drive through kilometers of vineyards. I would like to go on this trip one more time now that I am older. One of the best trips ever!

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