No sugar challenge

No sugar challenge

As you may already know, I challenged myself not to eat any sugar for one month! Now that the challenge’s over, I wanted to write a blog post about it.

Why this challenge?

I am the kind of person that eats more salty than sweet food, but I never say no to a good homemade pastry. I like to eat a dessert from time to time, but not every day.

However, sometimes I eat more sugar and my body gets used to it pretty fast. As you may already know, sugar is a drug! Anyway, I’ve been eating a lot of sugar lately and realized that I couldn’t go to bed without eating a waffle or a piece of chocolate.

This is why I decided not to eat sugar for one month! My skin was looking pretty bad the last few weeks and I was having headaches. Moreover, since I moved to Amsterdam, I was eating at restaurants very often and I couldn’t resist typical Dutch syrup waffles. I wasn’t feeling good in my own body anymore.

So I started this ‘no sugar challenge’ for one month except for fruits and one specific kind of granola, that contains only 1% of sugar. And since challenges are better together, I convinced my sister and my boyfriend to join me! To be honest, I don’t think that I would actually resist if I was the only one doing the challenge.

My hopes

I hope to lose a little bit of weight even though this is not the main reason why I am starting this challenge. I also hope for my skin to look better. At last, I hope not to be addicted to sugar anymore and stop eating desserts every evening after dinner.

The challenge

Week 1

The first day of the challenge was pretty easy. I did not have any sugar craving, even though there is sugar everywhere at the office. I was pretty confident about my diet and I was convinced that it was going to be very easy.

And then, the second day I started to have some sugar cravings. There were many candy jars on my desk and even though I did resist, it was not easy. Especially in the evening, after dinner.

I realized pretty quickly that this challenge is pretty hard! Thankfully I wasn’t doing the diet by myself which kept me motivated. I also watched a documentary about the power of food and the effects of food on our body. It was very interesting!

Week 2

I am starting this second week with another challenge: drink more water. Indeed, I am a person that doesn’t feel the need to drink, so I really have to force myself to do it. My skin is pretty dry already, so I really have to force myself to drink as much as possible.

This second week is even harder than the first one considering the fact that I got my period, and my sugar cravings were even stronger! I ended up eating twice as much as usual, and I am pretty sure I gained a little bit of weight.

Week 3

I thought that after two weeks without sugar, it was going to be easier to resist. But nay! I still want to eat a dessert after dinner. Moreover, I feel bad because I have been eating more than usual.

This is why I am starting this third week with another challenge: no carbs in the evening (rice, pasta or bread). The aim of this ‘no sugar diet’ is not to gain weight!

This week, I realized how addicted to sugar I was. I am surprised. To be honest, one month without sugar is not enough to get over the addiction. When the diet is over, I am still going to be careful about my consumption.

At the end of the week, I can say that I am proud. I ate healthy food and I am feeling better!

Week 4

On this fourth week, I start getting a little bit sick of sweet breakfasts. I usually opt for some yoghurt with granola and a kiwi. But now, I am more tempted by an egg, or an avocado toast. Plus, having a sweet breakfast makes me hungry after two hours.

I can observe that my skin is looking better than at the beginning of the diet!

This week is Easter week so it is going to be really hard not to eat any Easter eggs or bunnies!

By the way, instead of not eating sugar for a whole month, I decided not to eat sugar for 4 weeks. So instead of doing the challenge from the 5th of March to the 5th of April, I did it from Monday to Monday. On the Easter weekend, some of my friends came to Amsterdam. And when we’re all together, we always eat a lot! (who cares?). So after resisting to a very sweet brunch on Easter Sunday, I decided to stop my diet on Easter Monday and have a real brunch! I still ordered an egg-based meal but I could try my boyfriend’s pancakes without feeling bad about it!


First, I can say that I am proud of myself! I haven’t eaten sugar for a whole month! Actually, I just had a Fever Tree tonic. But to be honest, I prefer to drink a tonic with some cane sugar rather than a Coke Zero with ‘no sugar’ but still a lot of crap in it.

When it comes to my skin, I can see that it looks better! It is still dry because I still can’t drink 1,5L of water per day. But, I drink more than usual. And I can see some results on my skin.

When it comes to my weight, I cannot really say. I don’t have a scale in Amsterdam. However, I think that after gaining like 1kg, I must have lost it when trying to eat healthier.

Finally, when it comes to my sugar addiction, I think that I am still addicted. One month is not enough. I think I should try not to eat sugar for three months at least. But for now, I am not in the mood for this kind of diet. However, I can see that I am feeling better and I don’t want to eat that much of sweets anymore.

I also realized that the more you know that you cannot have something, the more you want it! Now that my diet is over and that I know that I can have sugar again, I don’t want to.

Meal ideas


Yoghurt – chia pudding – fruits

Smoothie with banana – kiwi – strawberry – spirulina

Yoghurt – granola with no sugar – a fruit

Banana pancakes with fruits

Egg – bread – salted butter

Second breakfast

A fruit


A fruit

Half of an avocado with spices

A piece of bread with hummus

Yoghurt with nuts

Feta salad with tomatoes