Real Pad Thai in Brussels

Real Pad Thai in Brussels

After coming back from Thailand (and from eating pad Thais many times a day) I was kind of looking for the same flavors in Brussels. I’ve tried a lot of Thai restaurants in my city but surprisingly, they rarely serve this kind of dish. Also, there are maaaaany “wok” restaurants but their food is so bad compared to real Asian food. I really don’t understand why, since we have an amazing Asian supermarket in the city center and you can find EVERYTHING in it. After taking a cooking class in Thailand we wanted to try cooking at home and we found all the ingredients we needed for all dishes. (Yes, there will be a few videos about that, just be patient cause I need to find some extra time to edit everything).

So ok, I bought everything (even an iron pan) and I could cook everything at home. But what if I wanted to try some good pad thai in a restaurant? Well, one day, my boyfriend sent me a message and he told me about Wok Minute.

wok noodlesTo be a 100% honest, I would never enter this kind of restaurant. As said before, there are so many “wok restaurants” in Brussels and they are usually really bad. But this time was different. They have real iron pans, real Thai ingredients, a Thai cooking. I couldn’t ask for more. (One of my next posts will be about how I choose my restaurants so stay tuned!).

So if you want to try a real pad thai, you have to order: rice noodles, tofu, lime, peanuts and the Phuket sauce (all vegetables are included). If you take all of those options it will cost 8 euro so the price is really cheap! (Not as cheap as in Thailand of course, where the Pad Thai costs 1 euro lol)

Also I would like to apologize for my pictures quality, I have to say I was very hungry (oups)!


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  • If you also want to eat a really good Pad Thai (I don’t know if it’s a real one but it’s good for sure !) it’s at Place des chasseurs Ardennais each friday evening. There is a Thai cook that is making your pad thai in front of you and there is always a ton of people in front of the stand (it happens that you have to wait 30 minuts to have your dish but it’s worth your time !). Feel free to let me know if you want to try it sometimes ! Your sister

  • You should! I ate there once again two days ago and it’s so delicious! I recommend you order the tofu, I did’nt like tofu before but theirs is awesomme!

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