Ristoro Agricolo Toscano, the new Tuscan bar in Brussels

Ristoro Agricolo Toscano, the new Tuscan bar in Brussels

I love Italian food. So when I was invited to taste the food at Ristoro Agricolo Toscano in Brussels, I was delighted.

If you know me well, you know that I value homemade food with fresh, local and seasonal products. And this is what Ristoro Agricolo Toscano offers: fresh and delicious food, cooked with ingredients brought directly from Tuscany. And not from a big food producer, no. Ristoro Agricolo Toscano has its farm in the heart of Tuscany where they grow their food and import it to Belgium.

Ristoro Agricolo Toscano is not a restaurant, nor a bar. It’s a place where you can enjoy tasty organic food and drink either Italian coffee or organic wines from Tuscany, depending on the time of the day.

The owner welcomed us with a glass of Palmazio, that is produced on Capraia island, very close to the sea. The wine is dry and delicate and it has this “ocean” flavour that is hard to explain. You need to try it!

Then, we had the chance to try a little bit of everything from the menu. Both the pizze and schiacciate are handmade with traditional and local flour produced in Tuscany. They used wheat organic flour which doesn’t contain that much gluten and it doesn’t make you feel like you just had an entire pizza. The food was honestly delicious. The different combinations were quite simple but who needs something elaborate when you can taste local and fresh products with many flavours? My favourite schiacciata was the one with gorgonzola and pears, you really need to try it!

Together with the food, I had the chance to try the Chianti red wine from Tuscany, and again it was very good!

We ended up our night at Ristoro Agricolo Toscano with a mix of homemade desserts and biscuits, and a glass of dessert wine. I usually don’t like dessert wine because I think it’s too sweet, but this one was surprisingly good and dry-ish.

To conclude, I truly recommend Ristoro Agricolo Romano. It’s open from noon to 9 pm so you can either have a quick lunch there with coffee or enjoy a cosy dinner with delicious organic and local wines from Tuscany. On top of everything, they sell local products from the region and serve organic non-alcoholic drinks. If you’re looking for a cosy and family-like place with amazing Italian food, it’s the place to be!

Ristoro Agricolo Toscano – Chaussée d’Ixelles 243, 1050 Brussels.