The Best Safari Experience

The Best Safari Experience

All the safaris I had the chance to go on to were extraordinary, but the one in the Masai Mara Reserve was particularly outstanding. After seeing so many beautiful animals in Nakuru, I thought that was it, and that I have seen everything.

But every safari is unique. In the Masai Mara Reserve, on my third safari, I saw a lion. And it was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.  At the time, I totally forgot that I woke up at 6 am. Also, I did not expect to approach the lion so close and have the chance to take those pictures.

The Masai Mara Park is known for its felines. I you have a good driver that knows every single part of the bush, you’ll get the chance to see them all. Thanks to John, our guide, we had the privilege to see not only lions, but also leopards and cheetahs with their babies.

Every single animal of the bush hides at different hours. Usually, they go out at sunrise (for hunting) and before the sunset. But they all stay in very separate areas.

You may know the “bitchy” character of hyenas from the Lion King cartoon, but I actually think they are also beautiful animals, just to lazy to hunt by themselves (they wait for the lions to finish their meal and they start laughing to inform the other hyenas of their find).

After seeing lions, leopards and so many other animals, I was more than satisfied. But John, our driver, wanted to look for cheetahs and he was right!

 (This is actually my favorite picture of all times; the cheetah was yawning when I took the photo but it looks likes it is laughing so hard. Every time I see it, it puts me in a good mood).

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