Where to eat in Koh Lanta

Where to eat in Koh Lanta

When in Thailand, I realized that it really isn’t easy to find good food spots. I consider that Bangkok is very rich in terms of different kinds of food. You can eat on the street, in restaurants and pretty much everything is tasty. But when it comes to the island life, everything is based on attracting tourists. So it’s really difficult to find tasty cheap places.

I’ve spent something like 5 days in Koh Lanta. And with my boyfriend, we had a lot of trouble finding places with real Thai food that didn’t cost twice as much as in the capital. I think that in 5 days, we tried five or six different food spots but were really disappointed. For instance, we wanted to try a real restaurant in Koh Lanta but we ended up in a place with only tourists (and God knows how much I don’t like going to places where there are only tourists). Plus, the food we ordered was really bad. My boyfriend wanted to try chicken with sweet and sour sauce and he ended up with chicken and a sauce that tasted like…ketchup. Like I said in a previous post, in Thailand, food is better on the street than in restaurants (this is, of course, my personal opinion).

In this article, I want to share with you two restaurants that I really enjoyed eating at! One of them is really cheap (Thai street food prices) and you can eat with locals. The other is, I believe, too expensive for locals but the food was really excellent! I will also write about being a vegetarian in Asia.

No Name

This restaurant has no name and we found it on a blog that just described the place. And that’s what I love about travel blogs: you find places that don’t exist on any other platforms like Trip Advisor, Yelp etc. There is no name, no address but I believe this is the only place in Koh Lanta where you can eat typical Thai food with…locals! Every time we were eating there, there were no other tourists, only Thais. Unfortunately, tourists eat in big restaurants owned by Europeans and they don’t try the real Thai food.

PS: I am posting the picture above so you can find the place. It’s not far from the Mermaid Hotel and is located in the northern part of Koh Lanta.

So this “no-name” restaurant offers delicious meals that cost the same prices as the food on the street! But here you can actually sit down. The food is cooked one by one so you don’t get your meals at the same time. However, everything is fresh and homemade! Personally, I stayed faithful to my favorite pad thai (haha) but their curry was really good as well! I also recommend smoothies made out of fresh exotic fruits. Yum!

Happy Veggie

Since I am not a big fan of meat, I was curious to know if it’s possible to travel on the other side of the world and be able to eat as less meat as possible or…not at all. Despite the fact that Happy Veggie is a 100% vegetarian restaurant, I was actually surprised to see that you can eat a lot of meals with no meat. Or at least, ask for no meat. Before Thailand, I wasn’t a big fan of tofu but Thai tofu is really delicious! And instead of ordering pad thais with meat, I was asking for pad thais with vegetables or tofu (when you see that meat is exposed to the sun on food markets, you don’t want to eat it). I realized that you can even be vegan and be able to eat without any effort. You can ask for a pad thai with no eggs and no meat, and you’ll get tons of vegetables and tofu instead. And since food is cooked just in front of you, you can ask for anything. Great isn’t it?

So Happy Veggie is a vegetarian restaurant located in the Central part of the island. I have to say that you pay a little more than for usual Thai food. But if you want to taste some revisited dishes, this is the place to eat! Everything was delicious. I actually still dream about those spring rolls… As usual, I ordered a pad thai (with tofu this time) and it was really interesting to try another version of it.

I really wanted to write about more restaurants in Koh Lanta. But unfortunately, there are very few good food spots on the island. I was really disappointed by food after spending a week in Bangkok, which I consider is an amazing place to eat Asian food.

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