20 facts about Japan

20 facts about Japan

Japanese people may be very on point in terms of technologies but all of the machines they use are pretty old. Guess why? It is because they build really solid machines that work for a very long time and don’t break.

There are vending machines all over Japan. The great part is that these machines serve healthy drinks: unsweetened tea most of the time, and only 3 or 4 sodas.

vending machine japan green tea

There are food posters literally everywhere, and especially in the subway. I was hungry pretty much all the time.

Japanese people only wear black and white pieces of clothing most of the time.

If you eat at a local restaurant, the waiter will never clean your table, even if you’re done eating. There is a little bell on the table and you can call the waiter with it when you want him to clean your table. I personally don’t like calling a waiter with a bell, it feels derogative to me.

I knew that in Japan, the toilet seats have multiple options. However, I didn’t know that your seat was actually heated during usage.

The Japanese love to create fake food and put it in their shop’s window. They are quite good at it and it looks pretty real.

food japan

If you take the subway in big Japanese cities, you can observe that in every subway, one of the coaches is for women only.

You can literally pay everywhere with your subway card. You charge money and you can buy food, souvenirs and pay for the subway with it.

The Japanese can sleep literally everywhere. If you take the subway, they are either on their phones or they sleep.

In Japan, you can find every kind of food with matcha: sweet and savoury food combined.

matcha waffle japan food sweet

There are no trash cans all over Japan. You may think that this increases the amount of waste in the streets. But the Japanese keep their waste and they throw it away in their houses.

At the airport, you can go through security with a drink. They have machines to check if there is anything else in your drink or not. This allows you not to pay 7 euros for a bottle of water or anything else. Plus, at the airport, they also have drinking machines and the price is not higher than usual.

In almost every restaurant, there is a small basket on the floor to put your belongings while having lunch/dinner.

This is a little bit cliché, but most of the people in Japan think that when you’re blonde, you come from America.

The Japanese love France. There are French bakeries in every big city, there are big french restaurants and they love French culture.

In every subway station in Kyoto, there is a different “jingle”. You can actually know which station you’re at just by hearing the jingle.

In Kyoto, the garbage trucks are candy pink.

It is very rare in Japan to see cars that are not produced in Japan: Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki etc.

In Japan, they love KitKats. Every region in Japan produces its own KitKat so if you want to collect them all, it’s a big challenge.

kit kat japan sweets chocolate