2021 Summary – month by month

2021 Summary – month by month

Let me start this article by writing down my 2021 resolutions:

  • use clean cosmetics – check
  • refocus on me – check
  • work out more – nope
  • listen to my body – check

Looking back, I think I did a pretty good job, no? But still, this doesn’t mean I had the best year of my life. When I look at it, I just feel that it’s been both one of the best and one of the worst years of my life at the same time. Crazy, huh? But as usual in these articles, let’s focus on the positive things that happened this year!


In January, I started posting videos on my YouTube channel again as I had more time for myself. It allowed me to focus on myself and take care of myself which made me feel really good. It’s crazy how much you do when your life slows down a little and you take the time to do things you enjoy.


Just like every year, February marks my birthday but somehow, I don’t like celebrating it. As a continuity from January, I took some time for myself, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and which career path do I want to choose. Also, in February, Amsterdam was covered in snow and we walked on the canals, so cool!


In March, a major change occurred. After 8 years of being very blonde, I decided to switch back to my natural color and to dye my hair dark. We also celebrated our first year in our apartment and we still love it so much. The sunny terrace is really amazing and I spent a lot of time outside.


April started with a painful loss, but we said we would focus on the positive right? In April, I went to the Chamber of Commerce to declare my freelance activity. Such a gratifying feeling! We also had some friends over and visited the Cherry Blossom trees in the Amsterdamse Bos.


In May, I started a new job in a sustainable start-up whose mission I truly value and comply with. And it feels so good! It was also my boyfriend’s 29th birthday and I surprised him by inviting his best friends over for the weekend. Last but not least, my best friend Marine got married despite the COVID situation and it was a small but wonderful event, full of love!


June marks our first time out in a restaurant in a few weeks since the lockdown. Things started opening up again and it was an opportunity to see some friends again. At the very end of June, we flew to Beirut for the first time and started a 2-weeks vacation there.


The first 2 weeks of July, we were in Lebanon visiting the entire country. At the end of our trip, our friends got married and it was a very special wedding. It was truly amazing and very big and it felt like COVID didn’t exist. In July every year, we also celebrate our anniversary. This year, for our 7th year as a couple, we went out to a fancy restaurant in Amsterdam to celebrate (thank God, restaurants were open at the time). We also got our first vaccine doses and felt a little safer around.


The first week of August, I went to Brussels to spend some time with my family. We also visited the Hague and I took my friend Marine to Warsaw for the first time (check out my Warsaw vlog here!)


Every year in September, we have a visitor marathon: everyone wants to come over to our house for the weekend haha. This year, we had a few friends and family members over and we also visited Delft for the first time! Such an adorable city.


In October, we booked a last-minute ticket to Barcelona. We were both very tired and needed some time off and Barcelona is our favorite city in Europe to visit. The food, the architecture are both super cool and we always have an amazing time there. At the end of the month, we had a group of 20 friends visiting the city so that was quite intense but super fun!


In November, I visited Ghent for the first time for work, and then we drove to Brussels for a long weekend. It was super fun to have a bit more time than usual in the city I was born in and to enjoy time with our loved ones.


I honestly can’t believe we’re already in December. This year flew by so fast, I have the feeling that January was last month. Our month was quite busy, I had my high school best friends over for the weekend and then we went to Paris for 5 days (first time as a couple!). Then, we drove to Brussels for Christmas.

And… that’s it! Can’t believe that 2021 is coming to an end. It was definitely not what we expected (we all thought that COVID would be gone by end of 2020, right?), but let’s hope for a better 2022. We have a few trips planned already (let’s hope they are not canceled) and many professional and personal projects. This year, I’m not writing down any resolutions because 2021 was proof that everything comes unexpected and that you can’t plan your life ahead. Also, the pandemic taught me to live day by day, so that’s what I’m going to do!

I would like to wish you all an amazing end of the year and an even better start of the new year. My only resolution would be to post more on this blog again. God, I’ve missed this.