Food Spots #4 – Barcelona

Food Spots #4 – Barcelona

Brunch and Cake

I am putting Brunch and Cake on my list but I have to say that it not what it used to be. Three years ago, Brunch and Cake was an amazing not so healthy breakfast spot. They were selling delicious bagels, poached eggs, pancakes, granola, cakes. Now, they offer very colorful and healthy breakfasts but I feel like the quality of the food decreased. I cannot say it’s bad but I won’t lie: it was much better at the very beginning.

I recommend ordering the quinoa salad and the pancakes!

Cafe Lulu

Best breakfast discovery of this summer vacation! Everything was so delicious and tasty! My quinoa salad was absolutely perfect and so was the smoothie bowl. I have literally nothing to add.

El Flako

First time in a cereal bar (and not the last!). What a cool concept! I opted for a smoothie bowl with additional oreo and my love opted for some American cereals. And I have to say it was really good! What a shame the owners give us the menu with already made combinations and they do not let us choose our own cereals the first time. If you ever go there, try to insist on choosing your cereals by yourself just by looking at the shelf.


Believe me, this was the best burrata ever! This restaurant is a little more expensive than the others, but I have to say the food is really good there. Little tip: ask for the homemade blueberry mojito that is not on the menu, it’s delicious!

Croqueta y Presumilda

This isn’t actually an “eat-in” food spot but more like a “take away” one. We passed there one day while leaving the Airbnb for breakfast and we brought those croquetas back to Brussels (true story). And this is when you realize that nothing tastes better than fresh homemade food. There were all so tasty and fresh. I will definitely come back there one day!


The first time we ate at this restaurant, we looked at the menu and ordered some pasta (8,70 euros each) with some drinks and dessert, and… we paid 16, 20 euros. At first, we thought it was a mistake. But two days later, we came back and the waitress told us that 8,70 euros is actually the price of the whole menu! So who’s in for the most delicious homemade pasta and sauces of all Barcelona? I have to say that everything was absolutely outstanding and we could taste that it was all homemade.

La Tasqueta de Blai

First, I wasn’t really happy to eat at this place for lunch. The concept is great: each little toast costs 1 euro and you can eat as many as you can. But when you taste them all, you fell in love with La Tasqueta! I actually didn’t know that Spanish people were eating that much bread but I have to say that all of the toasts were delicious and very fresh.

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