How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant

How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant

In this blog post, I will share my food tips with you! My friends often ask me how I choose my restaurants. Since I usually eat in lots of different places, and especially abroad, I became quite an expert at spotting the places to go and the ones to avoid!

In case I have an internet access, the first thing I do is typing the name of the restaurant in Google. Here is an example of a restaurant I really like: I look at the rating, reviews, pictures, prices and even the menu.

If the food looks tasty, the prices are correct and the reviews are good, I might try it. But that’s not it of course! I also try to figure out if the food is local and if it’s homemade. This way, I will definitely not enter a seafood restaurant in a city that’s situated far away from a coast. I usually don’t eat any kind of meat or fish in restaurants because I never know where they come from. I prefer trying out very simple but fresh and homemade dishes!

In case I am in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection, I try to observe the restaurants as much as I can. How’s the decoration? Modern? Cosy? or completely kitsch? Do I feel like eating there tonight? Are the owners’ local people or is it a Chinese restaurant owned by two European persons? I am not saying that Europeans cannot cook Chinese food, but when I am abroad I feel more confident eating with the locals.

In many Asian countries and some small European cities, eat where the locals do! In Thailand, we were never disappointed by a restaurant or street food where Thais were eating!

Actually, there are three things which I just cannot accept when looking for a place to eat. First, I hate it when there are food pictures on the menu. I feel like the menu says “hey this is all frozen food and I did not make any effort to take decent pictures of it”. Another thing that I really hate is when the waiter is waiting for you outside of the restaurant so you get scammed at his place. If the place worked fine, the waiter would not be standing there, right? Finally, I never eat in a street where there are hundreds of restaurants all situated next to each other. For me, there are all tourists traps.

Also, I would like to add that for me, the menu is the most important part of my choice. This is why I really like to take a look at the menu before entering a restaurant. Are the meals worth the price? If a simple pasta plate with tomato sauce costs 20 euros, I feel scammed. Also, I prefer small menus with not a lot of choice than huge ones with all kinds of different food on it. Who’s able to cook pasta, pizza, woks, desserts, meat, and breakfasts in the same place? No one. Plus, in a place like that, the food cannot be possibly freshly prepared in the morning. Am I right?

Once I entered the restaurant and I got my plate, well, I eat! And if the food is good and the service is satisfying, I write a good review about the restaurant. I believe that good food is not enough for a good review, if the service is mediocre it leaves a bad experience in mind.

I hope this article was useful for you, feel free to leave a comment if you liked it!

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