Kyoto & Osaka – Itinerary and Food spots

Kyoto & Osaka – Itinerary and Food spots



In Kyoto, we stayed at Hotel Dorf. It was very close to the shopping district and other food spots and we could walk from there. The room was very clean and the service excellent. The price includes a breakfast but I don’t recommend having breakfast there, as it’s European-American style food (egg salad, bread, industrial cheese).


FYI: I filmed a food vlog about being a vegetarian in Japan and I just need to edit it. I focused on filming all of my food insteaf of taking pictures. This why, the picture quality isn’t that good and I apologize for that.

I consider Kyoto as a food temple! Not only this is my favourite city in Japan but we had such good food out there. Here are my best foodie spots :

Grandir Boulangerie

For breakfast, we were going to Grandir Boulangerie. The Japanese are big fans of French pastries so you can find a lot of these across the country. Grandir Boulangerie was founded by a French pastry Chef but you can see a Japanese baking everything from scratch in the kitchen. The croissants were 100% homemade, fresh and delicious and they were tasting as good as the ones you find in Paris.

Japan, Teramachi St, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-0000, Japan

Musashi sushi

Musashi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that serves the best sushi I’ve ever had. You can obviously have even better sushi served by a real chef, but I believe that Musashi makes delicious food and the fish is just melting in your mouth. Yum!

Japan, 〒604-8005 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, 河原町三条上ル恵比須町440

Chao Chao

Chao Chao is a restaurant specialized in gyozas. There are all homemade and the filings are delicious! They have a large choice of meat-based gyozas and a few vegetarian ones. Please note, there are two Chao Chaos in Kyoto: one doesn’t serve vegetarian gyozas at all, but the other one does. I recommend ordering the one filled with cheese, it’s not very local but super delicious!

Japan, 〒600-8021 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, 河原町通四条下ル順風町312-1

Teramachi shopping street

This shopping street has so many small souvenir shops and food stands. Everything is homemade of course and really delicious, you cant find everything there! We had a cheese ball with sesame and it was so good! You will see more in the food vlog that I filmed, can’t wait to show you!

Japan, 〒604-8091 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Eirakucho, 232 ダイシンビル

Best cheesecakes

The best cheesecakes I’ve ever had were in Japan (except for my grandma’s cheesecake that is amazing haha). There are two big pastries that make cheesecakes: Bake (you can decide how much do you want your cheesecake to be baked) and Pablo (they make regular ones but also with matcha, fruits etc.). I really recommend trying both! I personally prefer Pablo!

Sake Bar Yoramu

If you like Sake or are curious about trying some authentic one, I recommend you take a seat at Yoramu Sake Bar. The owner will explain everything to you and will make you try a few glasses. Personally, I am not a fan of Sake but I had three glasses and it was an interesting experience!

Japan, 〒604-0831 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, 二条通東洞院東入ル松屋町35−1

Things to see

Arashiyama village

Arashiyama is a very beautiful old-style village in Kyoto. You can spend hours walking in the little streets. There are also a few activities in this area.

Iwatayama Monkey Park

You can go to the Monkey Park and see Japanese monkeys. Those monkeys are 100% free and you can observe them in their natural habitat. I think it’s great to see wild animals like that!

Have lunch in a temple

I believe that if you ever visit Japan and you’re curious, you should eat Monk food in a temple. The food will be 100% vegan (Monks eat vegan food) but so delicious. You won’t probably know what you eat, but the experience is just… wow!

We went to Shigetsu. It is a little bit expensive but was sooo worth it!

Tenryuji Temple and Bamboo forest

This temple was the most beautiful one I’ve seen so far and it leads to the very famous bamboo forest! The garden was so pretty and peaceful

Fushimi Irana Taisha

This temple is known for its orange tori. It is actually very impressive but unfortunately crowded with tourists. I recommend trying to visit the temple early in the morning cause people were almost fighting to take a picture!


If you have time, go on a one day trip to Nara! It’s an hour by train from the Kyoto station and it’s very lovely! There is a very big temple called Todai-ji and it has the largest bronze statue of Buddha. Another great thing about Nara: there are hundreds of wild deers in the village and it’s so cute! There are used to humans so you can cuddle them and feed them if you want.


To be brutally honest, I didn’t really like Osaka. Compared to Kyoto it’s not that must interesting and not very cosy. What are the things to see? Dotombori district and the “America Village”, and you can do both in one afternoon.

When it comes to food, Osaka is known for its Takoyaki (small egg balls filled with seefood and a homemade mayo sauce on top). There is also an Ishiran ramen shop in Osaka and it’s typically known for eating a ramen in a booth for around 6 euros. Great isn’t it? And so tasty!

If you spend more than one day in Osaka, I recommend going to Universal Studios! I already visited the Studios in Los Angeles, but Osaka is so much better! I had the chance to do a roller coaster while hanging in the void and another one, the other way around (so you don’t see if you’re going up or down or loop)