As you may know, my high school best friend got married in Lanzarote in September. Since I spent 4 days out of 6 celebrating the love of Jaime and Karolina, I didn’t really have time to eat out and list my food spots. But, I still have a list of things to see and two local food spots I’d like to share with you!

What to see

Cueva de Los Verdes

On our first day in Lanzarote, it was quite rainy so we’ve decided to visit the island. Cueva de Los Verdes is a 3000 years old cave created by the lava from one of the local volcanos. For 9 euros you get a 35-minute visit in the cave ans its hidden germs.

National Park

You can’t really visit Lanzarote without a car. We have rented ours at Dollar and it was very cheap since we did that at the very last minute (when actually landing in Lanzarote).

In the morning before joining the wedding celebration, we took a ride to Lanzarote’s national park called Timanfaya. Be mindful if you plan a visit there because you need 10 euros of cash per person! Once you get to the parc (after queuing for a while – it’s better to go there early in the morning), you take a big bus and take a 40 minutes tour in the parc, where you can see all sorts of volcanos. Quite impressive!

Cactus Garden

One of Lanzarote’s attraction is the Cactus Garden. This garden was one of the last projects of César Manrique, a famous sculptor from the island. With the help of a botanist, he imported over 450 different cactus species and created a very cozy place, full of cactuses!


Last but not least – actually, there are a lot of beautiful things to see in Lanzarote but as mentioned before, we were there for a wedding so we didn’t have time to see more – Harìa.

Harìa is a small village in the Northern part of the island. I recommend getting lost there for a few hours and visit the most adorable village I’ve ever seen. It’s full of cactuses and colourful houses and the food there is local and very cheap!

Where to eat

La Tabla

It is really difficult to find a good and local restaurant when you’re in an all-in hotel in a very touristy area. But thankfully, my boyfriend found La Tabla on Google and it was very tasty. La Tabla serves tapas to share and everything is fresh and delicious. I recommend booking a table outside because they have a grill inside and the smell is quite strong.

La Tabla – C.C. Mareta, local 17, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas, Spain

Mercado Municipal de Harìa

As mentioned before, the food in Harìa is local, cheap, and delicious. Make sure to drive by their market (before 3pm) to enjoy tasty croquettes and seafood.

Mercado Municipal de Harìa – Calle Barranco de Tesnesia, 2A, 35520 Haría, Las Palmas, Spain

Where to stay


I can’t really say that I recommend this hotel to be honest, so I’ll just write about it so you don’t make the mistake of booking a room there. The price for a night is around 150 euros, depending if it’s high or low season, and this only includes a breakfast and dinner, but excludes all kinds of drinks (even water).

The rooms are okay, but not “wow” for the price you pay. We’ve decided to book this hotel because it was for adults only and we ended up with seniors only hah!

Also, Costa Teguise is way more windy than the South of the Island, so don’t really expect to be able to tan at the swimming pool.

Last but not least and the reason why I don’t recommend this hotel, is the food. The food in the morning and the evening is really bad. Nothing, but literally nothing is homemade, and everything is overcooked.

Hotel Costa Calero

After two nights at Barcelò, we moved to Hotel Costa Calero for the wedding. And I’m not saying this because it’s the groom’s hotel, but it was so much better! The food, the service, the pools and even the weather!