My 3 Favorite Thai Islands

My 3 Favorite Thai Islands

Today’s post is about sharing my three favorite islands in Thailand. Obviously, I could not visit all of them so here is a selection of the ones I had the chance to go to. The inconvenience is that you cannot visit those islands if you don’t book a tour unless you rent a private boat (but it’s not worth the price if you are just a few).

Lading & Pakbia Islands

Those two islands are part of the same tour so I decided to mix them together. Lading island was the first one where we snorkeled. It was not my first snorkeling experience but I really enjoyed it anyway! There are a lot of small blue fishes and the feeling is amazing! Also, if you want to take outstanding pictures, here’s the good place to do it (and make it looks like you’re alone on the beach).

Pakbia island is also beautiful! When the tide is low, you can walk to the tiny island just behind Pakbia. Also, the water is crystal clear. We really enjoyed visiting these islands while in low season. It’s really pleasant to feel almost alone on the beach and just enjoy the moment.

Practical information

For this tour, we paid 800 baht (21€) per person. The price includes a National Park fee (300 baht). A small tip when you book a tour: don’t ever trust a person that says that its price is the lowest on the island. This actually means that you can find a cheaper tour. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for the tour prices in several agencies before making your decision.

Tup island

If I had to choose between all the islands to tell which one is my favorite, it would be Koh Tup. This island is also a National Park so it is very clean and secured. The water is transparent and the sand is very soft. Also, this island was my favorite spot to take pictures!

Practical information

For this tour, we paid 700 baht (18,5€) per person. The price includes a National Park fee of 300 baht. The tour is composed of Chicken Island, Poda Island and the Phranang Cave and is called the “4 islands tour”. We booked it from Koh Lanta. Another thing to know is that every tour includes a ride from your hotel to the pier and from the pier to your hotel at the end of the day. (If a person tries to sell its tour by saying they pick you up from your hotel…well they all do).

Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai was part of the last tour we’ve made and that was composed of Ko Chuek, Koh Mook and Ko Ma (thank God I wrote down those names). It was a beautiful journey; we snorkeled all day, enjoyed fruit plates on the boat and admired the view.

Practical information

For this tour, we paid 600 baht (16€) per person. The price includes a National Park fee of 300 baht. So this was actually the cheapest tour we went on.

Last thing to know about tours: they all include Thai lunch, a fruit plate, water and snorkeling masks. Also, it is really sad to say but all of the corals are dead and there are not as many fishes as they were years ago because of ocean pollution and acidification. Don’t expect to snorkel and see thousands of differents fishes as you can see on the internet pictures.

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