My Thai Journey in Bangkok

My Thai Journey in Bangkok

In this article, I will be sharing with you my travel itinerary and tips from Bangkok. It’s always very useful to know all information about transport prices, things to visit, where to eat and so on. I hope this article will help every person traveling soon to the same places I was!

As you may already know I was in Thailand in April with my boyfriend and it was my very first time in Asia. I literally fell in love with Bangkok and its culture. I just loved everything about it. This is why I am very happy to share with you my travel tips.

We landed the 31st of March in Bangkok in the morning. From the airport, we took the train (Airport Rail Link) that got us directly to the city center. We paid 45 baht per person (1,2€) and it took about 40 minutes.

Where to stay?

In Bangkok, we stayed in the best guest house ever! I really recommend it to everyone visiting the capital. It is a family guest house called Baan Gaysorn (it has 9,8/10 stars on and Nit, the owner is the kindest person I know. We stayed there about three nights and she gave us so many tips about the city and Thailand in general. Nit is such a generous person. She offered us breakfast every morning and we even had the chance to share a meal with her at a restaurant. She opened the guesthouse so she could meet people from all over the world. And that’s what she does! If you stay a few nights you’ll have the chance to appear on her wall. She has a picture of many guests that stayed there. The rooms are very clean but simple. The price for the double room is 1000 baht per night so about 26 euros. I will definitely visit Nit if I ever go back to Bangkok (which I really want to).

Bangkok is also known for affordable 5 stars hotels. This is why, for our last night in Bangkok, we decided to sleep in one of those. My boyfriend surprised me so I did not know which one he chose but I wasn’t disappointed. We spent the night at Tower Club – Lebua in the Chinese district and it was amazing! I really recommend asking for a room between the 51st and the 59th floor so you can have an amazing view and take great pictures. Also, the breakfast is just magic: they serve food from all over the world so you better be very hungry in the morning 😉 Finally, the state tower is very famous for its sky bar! We couldn’t go there because we were busy in the evening but it’s really worth it!

The transports

There are so many different means of transport in Bangkok so I will detail them all. First of all, I really don’t recommend taking any kind of taxi or tuktuk in Bangkok. They are all overpriced. If you think that 5 euros are cheap for a taxi ride, well you’re right. But a local person will pay about 50 cents for the same ride. See the difference? Tuktuks are the same. We actually took one but we had to really negotiate the price and… the driver almost hit another car. Tuktuks drive so crazy that it’s really dangerous.

I think that there is really one rule to respect when in Asia: take the same means of transport as local people. It is the best way not to get ripped off. About those you have 5 choices: the bus, the songthaew, the Skytrain, the MRT and the boat. The bus costs 9 baht per person (0,24€) wherever you go and it stops whenever you want to. Great isn’t it? On the downside, you never know when the bus passes and when it’s crowded, it gets very hot in it. I also have to specify that if you take a bus with air conditioning it’s more expensive. You buy the tickets inside and the ticket seller is always very honest.

The songthaew is like a long truck with seats on the back. We did not use it in Bangkok but the minimum price is 7 baht (depends on where you go) and it also stops whenever you want to. We used this kind of transport on the islands as there are no buses there.

The Skytrain (BTS) is really practical when you want to visit some specific districts. It is really fast and there are many stations. It is, however, more expensive and I recommend buying a “rabbit card” for 100 baht for more convenience. Then, you put money on the card (100 baht minimum) and the price is different depending on where you wanna go. On the other hand, there is the MRT (subway). The prices are different and sometimes it drives you to places that the BTS doesn’t reach.

Finally, the boat is my favorite mean of transport in Bangkok. There is a river crossing the city so they decided to put public long tail boats on it and to use it as a transport. It’s actually very practical and cheap (15 baht per person wherever you go) and you can admire a beautiful view! Plus, it’s fresher on the boat.

What to visit in Bangkok ?

Now that you know everything about how to cross the city and where to sleep, I’ll write up all the things we did and visited in the capital.

First of all: temples. There are many of them in Bangkok but we only visited the Royal Palace. The entrance fee is 500 Baht and you need to dress appropriately (long trousers and t-shirts). The Royale Palace is really beautiful but it’s not easy to visit when it’s 40 degrees outside. The best way to go there is by boat to Tha Chang Pier (9th station).

When in Thailand, I really recommend taking a cooking class. My boyfriend surprised me (again) and took me to the Sompong Thai Cooking School. It costs 1000 baht per person (26 euros) and we cook 4 traditional meals. This experience is crazy but I will talk about it in another post because I filmed everything!

This picture was taken just before he cut off his finger (happy face before the drama)

If you’re interested in doing some shopping, take the skytrain all the way to the SIAM area. You’ll find several huge shopping malls with food, and international shops. 

Before Bangkok, Ayutthaya used to be Thailand’s capitale. If you have time, I recommend doing a day trip to Ayutthaya. You can get there either by bus or local train. We decided to opt for the local train and we travelled with Thai people for 3 hours in the heat. It was quite an experience but we don’t regret it at all! There’s nothing better than understanding how locals live. As mentionned above, Ayutthaya used to be the capitale of Thailand, and is therefore a historical site with many ruins, and the very famous tree that grew all over the big buddha head. 

Once you’re back from Ayutthaya, you can walk to Chinatown (if you took the train, otherwise it’s a bit further), and enjoy its night market. I think it is closed on Mondays, so make sure to go there on another day of the week and enjoy some amazing Chinese food. 

About rooftops, we went to the Banyan Tree Hotel. It’s a five-star hotel with an amazing view! You can have a drink on their rooftop and it’s quite impressive. The prices are the same as in Europe but you can take amazing pictures. I recommend going there for the sunset 😉 Since their dinner is very expensive, just take the MRT and go to the Jatujak Night Market in Bangkok to taste real Thai food. I loved everything about this market: you can eat whatever you want for 1 euro or less.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a special experience in Bangkok, check out the Diner in the Dark at the Sheraton Hotel. I know it exists in other cities as well, but I’ve never done this before and my boyfriend took me there as a surprise! It was a very confusing, special and original experience. We had to guess what we ate for dinner (it was a surprise 5 course menu) and we were served by blind people that guided us throughout the night.

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