Organic Food Markets in Brussels

Organic Food Markets in Brussels

I was always used to eat vegetables from the market when I was living in Poland. My mom was buying fresh local fruits and it was delicious! When I moved to Brussels, I was looking for such markets. I wasn’t into organic food until recently but I just hate it when I read the product labels and I see aromas, 50% of added sugars and others unhealthy products. I don’t like to eat processed food so I was looking for organic markets in Brussels. I want to prove you that you can eat organic food and not spend too much money on it. So here’s a list of four organic markets in Brussels. I tested them all and here’s a review!


Stock’s organic shop has a zero waste policy. They sell reusable bags and they don’t print your receipt unless you ask for it. What did I like about Stock? The whole concept. There’s a wooden box with “ugly” fruits and vegetables near the entrance and you can take those for free because there are not salable. They also have a large choice of food by weight. I bought non-gluten cereals with no sugar and they were really good and healthy.

What didn’t I like? Some of the prices… The basic vegetables were really expensive and there were not much of dairy products. The shop is actually small and the choice isn’t really large in terms of fresh food.

Stock – Place Fernand Cocq 23, 1050 Bruxelles


Farm is another organic market situated a few meters from Stock. It’s more an organic store than a market but it’s really big and there is a lot of food choice. The vegetables weren’t actually cheap, but they have so many products that aren’t easy to find. I bought some spinach lasagna noodles and some fresh organic juice. Can’t wait to cook some lasagna! Unfortunately, Farm is an expensive shop. I’ll be back there, but only to buy products I can’t find anywhere else.

Farm – Chaussée d’Ixelles 136, 1050 Bruxelles

The Barn

The Barn looks more like a warehouse with different areas. The prices are really ok and their vegetables are fresh and tasty. It looks way more like a market and there’s a table on the wall with all the fruits and vegetables to eat in function of the season so it’s actually practical. I really like the concept but the prices of dry food are a little bit high (20 euros for a kilo of walnuts). I bought some fresh veggies and they are so delicious! I’ll be back there but only for fresh food and their walnut bread (did I mention that I love walnuts?)

The Barn – Place Saint-Pierre 38, 1040 Etterbeek

Marché Bio des Tanneurs

This one’s the best organic market in Brussels. The prices are really low and there’s a large choice. It’s actually really popular (there’s a huge queue all day long) and I just like everything about it (haha). I don’t like buying fresh food in supermarkets so I try to go to this market as often as I can. I pay way less and I get organic fresh & delicious food. It’s definitely my favorite one.

Les Tanneurs – Rue des Tanneurs 58, 1000 Bruxelles

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