Around two months ago, I had the chance to spend a very short weekend in Prague. My boyfriend was there for work and I joined him for 1,5 days. During my stay in Prague, I didn’t really try local food or anything, but I wanted to share the ” things to see” while visiting the capital of Czech Republic.

Museum of Communism

If you’re interested in history or just curious to learn more about Prague’s history, the Museum of Communism is very interesting. It tells the story of Czech Republic under communism: how it was born, how people lived and survived it, all the struggle around it. I think it was very interesting and I learned a lot.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a classic in Prague, it links both sides of Prague, divided by the river. You can discover many street artists on that bridge and it gives you an amazing view of Prague, especially during the golden hour.

Kampa Island

Kampa Island is Prague’s Venice. It’s located on the other side of Charles Bridge and you can see pretty houses surrounded by water.

Josefov and the Jewish museum

Josefov is the Jewish district of Prague, it is truly beautiful and has this very specific vibe I like. Overall, Prague looks like a mix of Warsaw and Cracow for me and this is why I love it so much: it reminds me of my home. Getting lost in Prague was my favorite thing to do.

Prague Castle

Prague has a huge Castle, but honestly I’m not sure it’s worth visiting. I didn’t think there was anything special about it. Plus it was raining like crazy when we went there so I guess it influenced my opinion about it.

John Lennon Wall

I was also a little bit disappointed by the John Lennon Wall. I think it’s great that artists are expressing themselves but why do people feel the need to destroy art or draw something on top of something else?

The John Lennon Wall just looks like thousands of layers of art, that don’t represent anything anymore, but still I think it’s worth taking a look, especially that it’s located next to Kampa Island.

Mezi Srnky

On our first morning in Prague, we had breakfast at Mezi Srnky (no clue how to pronounce that) and it was really delicious! It was an Eastern Europe breakfast, so eggs, bread and butter and pancakes with red fruit jam, and I loved it! It reminded me of the food my grandma use to make me.

Hemingway Bar

Saturday evening, we weren’t hungry enough to go to the restaurant so we decided to go to Hemingway bar, a very old bar that serves all kinds of alcohol and cocktails. We ended up ordering two cocktails and some finger food to share, and it was very cosy. The cocktails were really good and original and we just talked all night while enjoying nice drinks and food.


On our second morning in Prague, we ate at Misto, another Eastern Europe style breakfast/brunch. We ordered pancakes and eggs and it was all really tasty and sooo cheap compared to Amsterdam.