Summer Road Trip – Canada

Summer Road Trip – Canada

So here’s a post about one of the best summers in my life. It was my first time in Canada and I did not know what to expect but I was really impressed by the culture and way of living.

We opted for a Canadian/American road trip. After coming back home we realized we were very optimistic planning it because of the long hours on the road but it was still definitely worth it!

Our first step was Montréal; we were supposed to spend three days there but we missed our connecting flight in London so we stayed there a little bit more than two days.

We were living on this very colorful street! Montréal welcomed us with a beautiful weather so since we had only a few days to visit the whole town, we opted for long walks. The old town is impressively beautiful.

After Montréal, we took the car and drove to Quebec city. An amazing sunset was waiting for us. Unfortunately, the next day was very rainy.

I only have one decent picture of the Quebec’s old town but actually, it was not my favorite stop. The next day, we went to the Montmorency falls and the Orléans island. The Orléans island is a tiny island with a lot of local food and beverages producers. We tasted the famous Canadian cider and a looooot of cheese (I was actually veeeery busy tasting everything so I only have one picture on which, you can see how green it is).

After visiting the french part of Canada, we arrived in Toronto, Ontario. We took advantage of the fact that we had the car to visit Toronto’s surroundings.

Despite the outstanding Niagara Falls, there are a lot of farms and vineyards to visit!

(I love the architecture mix on this picture)  

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