The Big Five

The Big Five

You can say your safari was successful once you have seen the “Big Five”. They were chosen by huntsmen to be the five most difficult animals to hunt in Kenya and the countries around. Have I seen all of them? Yes! But in all of my safaris combined.

The Lion

It is hunted for its coat and mane. Living particularly in the Masai Mara Reserve, the lion is sometimes killed by Masai people to impress their fiancee. I was actually impressed how calm they looked and I understand now why people call the lion, the “King of the Jungle”. Lions are so majestic!


The Leopard

The Leopard was the last animal I expected to see! After seeing a lion, I was so impressed, that when I saw a leopard with its baby just a few minutes later, I could not believe it! It is as beautiful as I imagined, especially the coat.

The Elephant

The Elephant may not be beautiful from the outside, but the way they walk in troops is outstanding! They may look very calm and walk very slowly but the minute they feel threatened, they can attack very quickly! That’s how we almost died, while meeting one in the middle of the road during the night. Our car broke nose-to-nose with the elephant (what an experience!).



The rhinoceros

It was the rarest animal we saw on the trip! We saw a black one just after entering the Nakuru Lake Park but I did not have the time to take a picture. A few minutes later we saw a white rhino (the rarest), and even the guide could not believe it! (This is the only picture I have).

The Buffalo

(their babies are the sweetest)

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