What to See and Where to Eat – Madrid

What to See and Where to Eat – Madrid

I just spent two days in Madrid with my love before heading to Andalusia. It was very hot (38 degrees) but we could see some parts of the city anyway! In this article, I want to share with you all the places we visited and the good spots to eat! Two days are short to visit the whole city. We decided not to go to any museum but to see as many parts of the city as we could.

How to get around in the city?

From the airport, we took the subway to the city center. It costs 4,50 euros (3 euros fee because you’re at the airport). Then, we bought a 10-ride ticket. It’s actually practical because we can use it for two persons. It costs 12,20 euros.

We also tried E-cooltra scooters. Those are electric and they cost 24 cents per minute. It is very easy to get around town because they are everywhere!

What to visit?

Here’s a short list of what we decided to visit in two days:

Plaza Major

Park Retiro. I recommend not entering the park by the main entrance but one of the side ones. You can admire some parts of the park and be totally by yourself!

Palao de Cristal

Others places to visit: Gran Via, Latino quarter, Plaza Espana, Matadero Quarter

Where to eat?

Raw Coco. It’s a raw food/juice bar. The food is pretty cheap, fresh and delicious! Their juices are to die for. I recommend trying the super bowl (bowl with some porridge, fresh fruits, dates, and honey) and the bagels.

Casa Julio. A friend of mine recommended this place to me and it was definitely worth it! This restaurant serves fresh and homemade “croquettas”. We tried all of them (oops). You can choose between 6 or 12 pieces and you can mix the flavors. The best ones were the ones with blue cheese and the ones with spinach. A portion of 12 is enough for two persons. You can take some additional tomato salad to add some vegetables to your meal. Also, they serve very good Spanish wine and it’s really refreshing!

Mercado de San Miguel. Nothing’s better than food pieces of advice from local people or people that lived in Madrid. I wanted to eat some good tapas and my friend sent me to this market. The tapas are a little bit expensive but delicious! We tried pretty much everything there: croquettas, fresh burrata, Spanish jam, ravioli. This market is actually a food court so it isn’t easy to find a seat to eat but I really like the ambience there.

Mistura. Wanna try some homemade ice cream? Mistura is delicious! They serve ice cream and sorbets and you can choose a topic to mix it with! They mix the ice cream and the topic the “Thai way” so it’s actually really fun! We tried the pistachio, matcha tea, and passion fruit ice cream and there were all very tasty and flavored.


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